Throwback Thursday: Watch Out For That!! (April 2017)


This Thursday we brought some classic throwback fails for you to enjoy. Including a ref tackling a football player and a couple ATV fails! Let us know your favorite clip below and don’t forget to send us your funny fail videos to!


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Girl Goes Into Steeplechase and Falls into Water
Car Drifting
Guy Goes Into Through Frozen Lake
Girl in Bikini Belly Flops off Rope Swing
Little Girl Falls off Swing
Dog Gets Frisbee Stuck on Face
Guy On Bar During Chinup
Referee Inadvertently Tackles Wide Receiver
Spider Fail
Piece of Wood Falls on Girl while Training
Kid Hits Himself in Eye with Tennis Ball
Makeshift Swing Snaps in Half
Cat Falls into Cardboard Box
Cat Tries and Fails to Jump into Closet
Guy Rides ATV into Mud
Quad Rolls over Rider and Dirt Bike
Mom Falls Off Playground Spinner
Cat Falls in the Bath
Skateboarder Can’t Brake Like Friends
Elephant Whacks Guy in Face with Trunk
Tree Falls Down on Lawn Mower
Snowboarder Falls after Throwing Snowball
Girl Falls off Mat after Doing High Jump
Driver Accidentally Drives into Traffic
Grandma Face Swaps with Dog
Pedestrian In Crosswalk
Driver into Ladder with Man on it
Snowboarder Slips on Ice
Fisherman Falls into Water Casting Net
Little Boy Repeats Bad Word
Girl Falls Through Thin Ice
Hula Hoop Headstand Fail
Girl Falls in St. Patrick’s Day Parade
Bicyclist after Handstand on Bike
Old Man Surfing Down Slip n’ Slide
Truck In The Wind
Parkour Guy Overshoots Landing
Guy Almost Falls Off Cliff
Woman Goes into Pile of Poop
Dirt Biker Goes into ATV Rider
Guy Hit by Toy Plane
Crooked Truck Drives on Highway
Girl on Shopping Cart Crashes into Camera
Soccer Ball Smashes Window
Girl Accidentally Hurts Self while Doing Splits
Wind Blows Food onto Guy
Table Breaks Under Shirtless Guy
La caída de Joselo 😂
Machine Breaks during Back Workout
Lollipop Gets Stuck in Grandma’s Dentures
Guy on Pedal Kart Goes into Van
Baby Falls Wearing High Heels
Dirt Biker Fails at Wheelie
HMB Hnadstand on a Surfboard
Dancing Man Falls Off Roof of Car
Truck Crashes into Car
How Not to Ski
Skier Flails Uncontrollably after Jump
Fail on Ski
Taxi Cab is messed up
Kids Make a Mess in the Kitchen
Guy Slips On Sand Dune
GoKart Driver Gets Slammed after Cutting Off Other Driver
Tent Falls during Band’s Performance

Throwback Thursday: Watch Out For That!! (April 2017)

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